Waste Disposal Solutions

Waste Disposal Solutions

We have entered the age in which the environmental initiatives of enterprises enhance the value of the enterprises while diversified types of waste have been discharged from waste disposal operators. Methods of waste disposal vary according to the properties and packing shape of the waste, which makes the recycling of the waste difficult. Furthermore, with the reinforcement of stricter laws and regulations, a wide range of knowledge is required from waste disposal operators' employees in charge of environment management.
YAMAZEN not only runs its business of recycling, final disposal, and facility development but also provides overall solution services related to waste disposal through a nationwide network of information on waste disposal.

One-stop service

Waste disposal contracts are independent from waste collection and transportation contracts (i.e., waste disposal requires a two-party contract). In any case, however, waste disposal needs to be performed from a comprehensive viewpoint. YAMAZEN has dedicated account executives who respond to customers comprehensively, thus simplifying counter services, alleviating customers' procedures, and minimizing the loss of time and money.

Waste disposal coordination

YAMAZEN has a powerful integrated system with associated companies and a network with partnership companies to implement optimization planning to meet customers' diversified requirements of waste disposal.

  • Status survey and hearing

    YAMAZEN's account executives confirm the type, nature, volume, processing status, and analysis table of each customer's waste while listening to the customer's requests and challenges the customer faces.
  • Coordination and proposals

    YAMAZEN proposes a waste disposal plan to each customer by attaching top priority to the customer's demand.
    An account executive in charge of the customer solves customer's challenges from the standpoint of the customer.
  • Implementation of facility tours

    YAMAZEN will guide visitors to tour the intermediate treatment facilities, final disposal facilities, and recycling facilities. Please leave all the settings to YAMAZEN.
  • Conclusion of waste disposal contracts

    YAMAZEN enters necessary commissioning contracts (for waste collection, transportation, and disposal). Please leave all necessary documentation to YAMAZEN.
  • Representative service for prior consultations etc.

    Local governments may require documentation, including consultation or notification, before waste is carried in from other prefectures. YAMAZEN can handle such documentation.
  • Waste acceptance and disposal

    YAMAZEN will accept waste for disposal when all necessary documentation is ready. YAMAZEN's account executives in charge will assist each customer in adjusting the date of acceptance and preparations for a manifest.

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Environment-related business backup

With an expansion of environment-related information, the reinforcement of stricter regulations, and the spread of environmental management, high-level efforts, including the disclosure of environmental reports, are required from emission operators.
YAMAZEN provides up-to-date information on the trend of the market and legal reform while providing support to customers' practical operations, including the on-site separation of waste, manifest management, and performance reporting.

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