Services and Business

Services and Business

A solution company to create the environment

YAMAZEN started with final disposal operations to accept and properly landfill waste that was no longer in need for people to lead affluent lives. In response to changes in society, YAMAZEN in the industrial vein has been introducing a variety of facilities to recycle waste efficiently and constantly, while reinforcing its alliance with partnership companies through YAMAZEN's associated companies in order to satisfy various needs for the disposal of sophisticated industrial waste.
Under YAMAZEN's management philosophy, "We continue providing what society demands," all YAMAZEN's management members and employees wish to provide the best services in pursuit of the construction of a recycling-oriented society and the co-existence and co-prosperity with the local community.

Environment creation business

YAMAZEN has been developing a variety of intermediate processing business centered on the Ueno Eco Center under the cooperation with its associated companies and partnership companies in order to respond to customers' demand for recycling in pursuit of zero emissions. YAMAZEN uses its own large-scale facilities for crushing, sorting, compression, and mixing and pelletizing. YAMAZEN provides a high-quality one-stop service to solve customers' problems comprehensively by using YAMAZEN's network if it is difficult to dispose of waste by YAMAZEN alone.

Final disposal business

YAMAZEN has a controlled final landfill site (in the city of Iga, Mie Prefecture) and least‐controlled final landfill site (in Hakui-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture). In response to the development of recycling technology, a final landfill site has been required to have facilities to work on environmental loads in a well-prepared system. YAMAZEN is in safe and secured operation by setting own standards with consideration of the environmental impact of waste.

Research and development

YAMAZEN has a laboratory for environmental management to conduct a variety of environmental analyses as well as waste analyses. YAMAZEN's facility development department in compliance with laws and regulations has been working on the development and introduction of new technologies that can reduce environmental loads as well as research on facilities for highly efficient waste disposal.

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