Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Efforts of Eco-Action 21

YAMAZEN complies with various standards defined by law. Furthermore, YAMAZEN has an in-house goal that has been set on a voluntary basis with respect to environmental efforts, acts toward the goal, and continuously evaluates and reports the results of its efforts, thus actively promoting environmental protection.

Environmental Policy

Environmental philosophy
YAMAZEN, a business operator involved in the maintenance of the environment focused on the disposal of industrial waste, considers that it is YAMAZEN's social responsibility to promote 3R (i.e., reduce, reuse, and recycle) campaigns and reduce environmental loads, such as carbon dioxide, toward the formation of a resource-recycling, low-carbon society. That is the reason YAMAZEN introduced an environmental management system and maintains the system, actively works on environmental conservation activities, and participates in safe and secured community development with consideration for the living environment of the community.

Environmental policy
1. YAMAZEN complies with environmental laws and regulations, local regulations, and agreements.
2. YAMAZEN attaches importance to the following items and strives to make continuous improvements in these items.

  • 1) The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • 2) The reduction of water consumption while paying close attention to wastewater
  • 3) The separation and volume reduction of waste, and recycling from accepted waste
  • 4) The well-planned promotion of green procurement

3. YAMAZEN continuously provides environmental education, enlightens the importance of environmental protection, and raises the awareness of environmental protection.
4. YAMAZEN participates in environmental protection activities with consideration for the living environment of local residents and promotes social contribution activities.
5. YAMAZEN thoroughly familiarizes all the employees with the environmental policy.
6. YAMAZEN announces its environmental activity efforts internally and externally.

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