About Facilities

About Facilities

Controlled Final Landfill Site


YAMAZEN's controlled final landfill site has functions to retain landfilled waste safely, prevent leachate, and stabilize waste with microorganisms, water, and air. YAMAZEN will perform thoroughgoing control to maintain these functions. Furthermore, in order to prevent odor trouble caused by landfill gas generated during waste stabilization, YAMAZEN uses unique self-combustion deodorization equipment takes proper measures whenever necessary in order to maintain a good surrounding environment.


TypeControlled final landfill site
Place2441-1 Shidenoki, Hatta, Iga-shi, Mie
Installation dateJanuary 18, 1982
Reclamation area67,182 m2
Landfill capacity1,786,481 m3
Processing typeLandfill (controlled type)
Types of waste handledTypes of waste handledCinder, sludge, waste plastics (including asbestos-containing industrial waste), waste paper, wood waste, waste textile, animal and plant remains, waste rubber, scrap metal, glass ceramic waste (including asbestos-containing industrial waste), slag, debris (including asbestos-containing industrial waste), soot and dust, waste specified in Ordinance #13, and hazardous waste such as asbestos

Landfill site

The disposal site is finished with seepage control work, provided with a catchment facility and a water treatment facility, and of construction not to contaminate public waters or ground water.

Self-combustion deodorization equipment

Odors are eliminated 99% or more from gas (e.g., fermentation gas or ammonia gas) that is generated from the waste in the deodorization equipment while the waste is in process of stabilization. The equipment incorporates a burner with backfire prevention, thus eliminating the risk of ignition on the landfill site. (Patented No. 3920525)

Leachate regulating tank

The leachate-regulating tank retains leachate safely and continues supplying a constant quantity of leachate to a leachate treatment facility. The equipment is designed so that it can respond to an increase in leachate in times of typhoons or during the rainy season.

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