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About Facilities

Mixing and Pelletizing Facility


The mixing and pelletizing facility mixes waster with additives based on the results of waste analysis, performs the quality governing and property modification of the waste to recycle the waste into construction materials or stabilize the waste to prevent it from scattering before the waste is transferred to the final disposal stage.
Preprocessing equipment is installed on site as well, which sorts and removes waste that is 100 mm or greater in size and recovers metal with a magnetic separator. Furthermore, only waste that is 10 mm or less in size is sorted, which ensures the stable operation of the mixing granulator of the facility and makes it possible to manufacture highly precise kneaded granules.


TypeMixing and pelletizing facility
Place2441-9 Shidenoki, Hatta, Iga-shi, Mie
Installation dateJune 26, 2001
Processing capacity640t/day
Processing typeMixing granulator (closed-type two-axis paddle mixer)
Types waste handledSludge, cinder, and slag

(1) Waste yard

Waste carried in is temporarily stored in the yard.

(2) Magnetic ore separator

After valuable metal is collected with the magnetic separator, the waste is sorted with the screen based on a particle size basis.

(3) Pre-treated material yard

The pre-treated residue is properly processed on the controlled final landfill site.

(4) Mixing granulator

The mixing granulator performs the quality governing and property modification of the waste that is input into the mixing granulator.

(5) Processed material yard

The processed waste is stored in the processed material yard, and recycled or finally disposed of according to the nature of the processed waste.

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