About Facilities

About Facilities

Ueno Eco Center

Management Office

The management office performs waste haulage management, including the acceptance and weighing of waste carried into the disposal site. Security guards are placed at the carry-in entrance, and they precisely and promptly guide vehicles in order to ensure the safety of the area.

Contorolled Final Landfill Site

YAMAZEN's controlled final landfill site has functions to retain landfilled waste safely, prevent leachate, and stabilize waste with microorganisms, water, and air. YAMAZEN will perform thoroughgoing control to maintain these functions. Furthermore, in order to prevent odor trouble caused by landfill gas generated during waste stabilization, YAMAZEN uses unique self-combustion deodorization equipment takes proper measures whenever necessary in order to maintain a good surrounding environment.

Mixing and Pelletizing Facility

The mixing and pelletizing facility mixes waster with additives based on the results of waste analysis, performs the quality governing and property modification of the waste to recycle the waste into construction materials or stabilize the waste to prevent it from scattering before the waste is transferred to the final disposal stage.
Preprocessing equipment is installed on site as well, which sorts and removes waste that is 100 mm or greater in size and recovers metal with a magnetic separator. Furthermore, only waste that is 10 mm or less in size is sorted, which ensures the stable operation of the mixing granulator of the facility and makes it possible to manufacture highly precise kneaded granules.

Compression Facility

The compression facility uses a volume reduction machine of hydraulic compression type to make compressed baled products, each of which has a height of 1,000 mm, width of 1,000 mm, and a depth of 1,400 mm and weighs approximately 400 to 1,000 kg. Baled products are recycled as fuel use. Difficult-to-recycle ones are processed in-house for final disposal.

Sorting Facility

Mixed waste is separated with a magnetic separator and a hand sorting line to recover recyclable waste and remove unwanted materials in the sorting facility. Each type of waste separated is recycled or properly processed for disposal according to the type.

Crushing Facility

The crushing facility in the Ueno Eco Center crushes recyclable waste into easy-to-recycle shapes and unrecyclable waste into shapes to reduce the volume and meet the criteria of the final disposal site.

RPF Production Facility

Objects sorted at the sorting facility are all crushed by a crusher to a size of 35 mm or less, sent to a volumetric feeder, and fed to a volume reduction solidification machine that utilizes frictional heat generated as a result of the rotation of the machine and manufactures refuse paper and plastic fuel (RPF). Manufactured RPF is air cooled for a certain period in a cooler and stored in a yard provided with fire protection equipment. Finished RPF is used for a variety of heating materials, reducing agents, and boiler fuel to substitute fossil fuel.

Water Treatment Facility

Rain that falls onto the final landfill site penetrates through the waste and comes out as dirty water.
Water treatment facilities are used to process dirty water (leachate) into clean water that does not appear to affect the environment.
The Ueno Eco Center is Japan's first private final landfill site that introduced vacuum evaporation processing equipment to its water processing facility, which removes heavy metal and salt at a stage prior to biological treatment. The facility is of advanced composite processing type capable of performing stable water treatment.
Furthermore, YAMAZEN has in-house water quality criteria that are stricter than national and prefectural water quality criteria, thus eliminating the impact on the environment.

Test and Analysis Laboratory

The test and analysis laboratory mainly checks the facilities and sees whether the facilities satisfy the criteria of landfill waste disposal sites. The laboratory accepts requests for a variety of environmental analysis, including the analysis of bad smell, dust, noise, vibration, water, and soil. The staff members of the laboratory include a certified environmental measurer, first-class water quality pollution control manager, person responsible for handling poisons and deleterious substances, class-A hazardous materials engineer, and operations chief of organic solvents work in order to responds to all analysis needs.

Seminar House

The Ueno Eco Center has an exhibition space, where YAMAZEN's business is introduced on panels along with recycled products exhibited, and a space for business talks with customers visiting the facilities.

Ishikawa Disposal Site

This site accept limited types of waste for landfill disposal, provided that such waste has stable properties, i.e., waste plastic, waste rubber, scrap metal, debris, glass ceramic waste (including asbestos-containing industrial waste), thus preventing the generation of leachate that may contaminate public waters and groundwater, landfill gas, and odors.

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