Environmental Measures and Social Contribution Activities

Environmental Measures and Social Contribution Activities

YAMAZEN introduced an environmental management system in order to work on the environmental protection of the region, and has been taking a variety of environment management measures and promoting a safe working environment.
Furthermore, YAMAZEN as a corporate citizen is actively participating in volunteer activities and community events, and focusing on the development of human resources who can contribute to society.

Environmental Measurements

Environmental Analysis

The Ueno Eco Center periodically conducts a variety of environment analysis and measurements.

YAMAZEN opens the latest information, including maintenance management records, on the information network site for industrial waste.

Environmental Measures

  • YAMAZEN installed self-combustion deodorization equipment developed in-house for the combustion deodorization of odors generated from the controlled final landfill site.
    (Patented No. 3920525)

  • Odors generated from the water treatment facility are intensively suctioned to the scrubber unit for chemical cleaning, which is achieving a high deodorizing effect.

  • The water treatment facility is in operation 24 hours a day. An automatic stop or emergency shutoff valve system operates, thus preventing the leakage of water out of the facility in emergency cases, such as a case of the malfunctioning of the facility.

  • YAMAZEN is paying close attention to waste water control. YAMAZEN conducts a water quality inspection every month, the results of which are open to the public at any time.

  • YAMAZEN installed solar panels on the roofs of some facilities in the Ueno Eco Center, and has been working on solar power generation to reduce CO2 emissions.
    (NEDO's Field Test Project on New Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology)

  • The Ueno Eco Center, which is surrounded by mountains, is promoting greening and tree planting in order to harmonize with nature.

Security Measures

  • YAMAZEN has a self-defense fire brigade with a pump car, and conducts monthly training while participating in disaster drills in the community.

  • YAMAZEN employees are actively conducting occupational safety activities, which include patrols in the entire site of the Ueno Eco Center on a regular basis in order to predict and prevent dangers in pursuit of making the site free of accidents.

  • YAMAZEN implements hands-on training and study sessions whenever necessary in order to raise YAMAZEN employees' awareness of occupational safety, while striving for improving its in-house operation manual.

Communication with Local Community

YAMAZEN as a member of the local community participates in events, such as local festivals, for community revitalization.

Cleanup Activities

YAMAZEN conducts cleanup activities around the site every Monday, actively participates in a clean walk campaign hosted by the city of Iga several times a year, and expanding the circle of cleanup activities.

Efforts for Environmental Protection and Awareness Activities

In order to support and enlighten efforts toward environment protection, the Ueno Eco Center has an exhibition space, where YAMAZEN's business is introduced on panels along with recycled products. Furthermore, YAMAZEN provides environmental study opportunities, including facility tours.

Employee Training

Each department of YAMAZEN implements sessions of study and special education and keep its employees well aware of environment-related laws and regulations that change with the times in order to improve its customer services. YAMAZEN changes and posts its occupational health slogan on a regular basis on site.

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